Family Sessions

And Just Like That. Kindergarten.

Just over 5 years ago, this incredible, perfect, little person entered my life. She looked JUST like her Daddy and I was in constant awe of her. She changed me for the better & I am constantly inspired by her desire to soak in the world! This little angel starts Kindergarten today. She’s ready- she was ready years ago, to be honest. She has ALWAYS been ready to take on the world with a essence of kindness, eagerness, love & passion for learning. I am incredibly proud of the person she has become and am excited to see what this next year’s adventure brings. Good luck, my {E}. You are a light in this world, never change- I love you to the moon and back! Enjoy E’s First Day of School pictures (and some throw backs to the “beginning”!)

IMG_3284ELaughKindergartenEFamilyKindergartenEDaddyKindergarten EMommyKindergarten ETrinKindergarten

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