Newborn Sessions

Sweet Baby {A}

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family this fall when {A} was just a TINY bump in momma’s tummy.  Today, 12 days old, I got to cuddle this scrumptious love & I loved every second of it! {A} is the most relaxed and sweet baby I have ever met & her family just adores her.  Big Brother was SUCH a charmer & just oozed sweetness! Momma and Daddy were incredibly at ease- this little lady is so lucky to have them as parents! Congratulations {P} Family on your newest addition! She truly is amazing!FamilyWM IMG_9739WM BrotherWM CuddlesWM DaddyWM IMG_9909WM IMG_9942WM IMG_9972WM MommyAndMeWM IMG_0007WM IMG_0001WM IMG_0036WM LittleMomentsWM SerenityWM

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