Family Sessions

Just Your Average {Morning}

I adore being a momma of little girls.  I always thought I wanted boys. Six to be exact. Some might say I wanted a small sports team that I could send outside to play with balls and run out their energy & then I’d bring them in and feed them copious amounts of food. Then my husband and I found out we were pregnant… And my whole pregnancy I thought: boy. We never find out the gender of our babies so the surprise is that much more exciting when we finally get to meet them!  Out popped Baby E! A GIRL! And I thought, “what?!” Now everyone who knows me, knows that I love all things girly- pink, dresses, make-up, dance parties… So needless to say, a girl is exactly what I needed.  Years later, my hubby and I were on the way to the hospital and, again, I was so sure I would soon be holding a bouncing baby boy.  Baby T was, again, a GIRL! So here I am, almost 5 years into motherhood, with two of the most perfect human beings on the planet, who also happen to have two x chromosomes! Here is just a typical morning for us Tynan ladies!

IMG_3929WM IMG_3932WM IMG_3942WM IMG_3961WM IMG_3962WM IMG_3973WM IMG_3994WM IMG_4002WM IMG_4014WM IMG_4019WM IMG_4026WM IMG_4030WM IMG_4033WM IMG_4039WM IMG_4043WM IMG_4053WM


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