Newborn Sessions

Sweet Baby {C}

I got to spend Saturday morning with this little guy and his sweet family! He was the most alert 5 day old & it was amazing to watch him observe the world around him! Once we got him all cozied up in the warm and soft blankies, Mr. C was a DREAM to watch through my camera lens! He is beyond lucky to have his two lovely parents who are so attentive to his every move.  As always, I am honored to have been welcomed into this new family of three’s home to capture some of the beginning moments in their new, perfect, phase of life!

IMG_2973WMIMG_3052WMIMG_3062WM IMG_3067WMIMG_3085WMIMG_3105WMIMG_3170WMIMG_3192WM IMG_3248WMIMG_3284WMIMG_3377WM IMG_3399-2WMIMG_3416WM IMG_3454WM IMG_3465WMIMG_3445WMIMG_3407WMIMG_3496WMIMG_3498WM IMG_3596WMIMG_3718WM IMG_3736WMIMG_3753WM

1 thought on “Sweet Baby {C}”

  1. We love these pics very, very much. Soooo glad you sent them to us. We wish we were there to hold this precious great grand baby of ours! We love all of you very much. Grandma and Grandpa Guenther

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