Family Sessions

“K” Family

I try not to play “favorites” with my clients… I really do adore each and every one… HOWEVER, I get to see this amazing family every three months and a working relationship has turned into a friendship.  This little man grows SO much every time I see him.  He is such a little charmer and has the most doting parents! I love every second I get with this family {let’s face it, it doesn’t feel like work… not even a little bit!}.  Thanks “K” Family! See you at E’s CAKE SMASH!!!

IMG_4124WM IMG_4125WM IMG_4140WM IMG_4154WM IMG_4157WM IMG_4190WMIMG_4221WM IMG_4246WM IMG_4253WM IMG_4273WM IMG_4278WM IMG_4293WM IMG_4302WM IMG_4313WM IMG_4330WM IMG_4374WM IMG_4388WM IMG_4413WM IMG_4428WM IMG_4455WM IMG_4459WM IMG_4478WM IMG_4479WM

1 thought on ““K” Family”

  1. The “K Family” certainly exudes that very unique magnetism that would attract attention even those with very discriminating taste. And Celtic Gray brings the most out of it with pictures so beautiful they’re almost divine.

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