Family Sessions

“B” Family

The seasons have absolutely changed here in northern Virginia! Not only have the trees changed (and in most cases have lost all their leaves), it is COLD. So cold. And this sweet family experienced the first really COLD day.  We even took a “warm up in the car” break!  However, the colors and the happiness in these pictures are PERFECT.  You really would never know how cold it was based on all the fun moments we caught.  I’m a total sucker for unplanned moments in pictures {I totally get that everyone wants those happy, everyone looking at the camera, portraits, but I LOVE the spontaneous and genuine feel when you caught a moment between people, as if the camera isn’t there}. The yummy lighting was the absolutely cherry on top of this beautiful, beautiful hour. Thanks “B” Family- what a treat!

IMG_3548WM IMG_3590WM IMG_3609WM IMG_3627WM IMG_3649WM IMG_3653WM IMG_3669WM IMG_3674WM IMG_3684WM IMG_3715WM IMG_3717WM IMG_3727WM IMG_3760WM IMG_3765WM IMG_3776WM IMG_3787WM IMG_3819WM IMG_3866WM IMG_3878WM IMG_3880WM IMG_3887WM IMG_3895WM IMG_3902WM IMG_3907WM IMG_3918WM IMG_3924WM IMG_3933WM IMG_3941WM IMG_3948WM

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