Family Sessions

“R” Family

I enjoy every second of capture moments of this wonderful family! This big sister embraced her important job {I’m a big sister, I love seeing the big sister role being played by little ones- it’s amazing}! Her free spirit and cutest outfit was just lovely!!! This little man was so gentle and lively, such a treat to play with.  Mom and Dad just adored their littles & the images definitely show the love! Enjoy!

IMG_2834WMIMG_2847WMIMG_2857WMIMG_2870WMIMG_2878WMIMG_2900WMIMG_2905WMIMG_2916WMIMG_2922WMIMG_2931WMIMG_2942WMIMG_2946WMIMG_2950WM IMG_2953WMIMG_2980WMIMG_2985WMIMG_2996WMIMG_3000WMIMG_3008WMIMG_3016WMIMG_3027WMIMG_3032WMIMG_3042WMIMG_3052WM

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