Family Sessions

“J” Family

I should first say, when reflecting on this incredible family’s session, that at the end of the session, BOTH kiddos insisted on giving me a hug. A hug! Such an incredible little thank you from such polite, LOVELY children.  I really can’t say enough about the genuine sweetness of this family! Their happy attitudes were contagious and I was so incredible thankful to have had the chance to meet this family of four! Enjoy!

IMG_2143WMIMG_2153WMIMG_2162WMIMG_2178WMIMG_2181WMIMG_2197WMIMG_2200WMIMG_2205WMIMG_2212WMIMG_2221WM IMG_2235WMIMG_2244WMIMG_2247WMIMG_2249WMIMG_2252WMIMG_2270WMIMG_2275WM IMG_2284WMIMG_2288WMIMG_2305WM

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