Family Sessions

“H” Family

When this mom first gave me the information of the family (three sons, including a set of young twins), I prepared myself to run for the entirety of the session.  And then the session happened.  What a JOY these boys are! Big brother was such a charmer & the littles were SO sweet (one’s smile word was “George Washington”… how cute is that?!).  It was an honor to get to know this family & I love how session turned out. Enjoy!

IMG_1542WM IMG_1553WM IMG_1561WM IMG_1586WM IMG_1595WM IMG_1600WM IMG_1614WM IMG_1617WM IMG_1621WM IMG_1625WM IMG_1631WM IMG_1637WM IMG_1654WM IMG_1668WM IMG_1672WM IMG_1686WM IMG_1698WM IMG_1712WM IMG_1721WM

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