Engagement Sessions

“M” and “S” are Engaged!

My sweet, sweet childhood friend {we met when we were FOUR} found the love her life! And it is possibly the biggest complement in the world for me to say, he is SO deserving of this incredible woman.  My family {especially my kiddos} adore this couple, who cover them with fun and love every time we see them! I was beyond honored to spend time capturing pictures of their love & can’t WAIT to celebrate next year. Congratulations “M” & “S,” I adore you both and wish you nothing but wonderful years to come!

IMG_0692WM IMG_0739WM IMG_0767WM IMG_0768WM IMG_0788WM IMG_0799WMIMG_0811WM IMG_0819WM IMG_0830WM IMG_0846WM IMG_0860WM IMG_0906WM IMG_0922WM IMG_0949WM IMG_0954WM IMG_0965WM IMG_0968WM

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