Family Sessions

“H” Family

This is the second time I have had the opportunity to meet up with this GORGEOUS family this year! And I can’t believe how much these littles have grown and their personalities have BLOSSOMED! This little man’s smiles just kill me {so, so, SO CUTE} & this little lady’s love for her parents is so apparent! Finally, momma & daddy are a joy to watch just as a couple, which is always nice to see even after years of children!  As always, that you “H” family for letting me hang out with you for an hour- I can’t wait to see you again!

IMG_8101WMIMG_8119IMG_8137WMIMG_8211WMIMG_8217WMIMG_8392WM IMG_8410WMIMG_8457WMIMG_8465WM IMG_8508WMIMG_8482WMIMG_8484WMIMG_8909WMIMG_8864WMIMG_8850WMIMG_8775WMIMG_8921WMIMG_8573WMIMG_8631IMG_8571WMIMG_8807WM

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