Newborn Sessions

“G” Twins

I truly had NO idea how in awe I would be of two perfect baby TWIN SISTERS! These girls are just the sweetest & I loved every second I got of swooning over them! Their personalities are already developing- Miss “K” let me play with her just long enough to get some sister shots & a few solos before Miss “A” had a long solo session. Good luck picking which ones to print Momma- I had the hardest time selecting which ones to post, the girls are just beautiful in every shot!!!

AK1 AK2 AK3 AK4 AK5 AK6 AK7 AK8 AK9 AK10 AK11 AK12 AK13 AK14 AK15 AK16 AK17 AK18 AK19 AK20 AK21 AK22 AK23 AK24 AK25 AK26 AK27

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